10ch Decca Console For Sale

10 Channel Decca Console For Sale


Price on Application

10 channel Decca console, restored by Kevin van Green and Tim de Paravicini.

  • 10 channels
  • Direct outputs on every channel
  • Top & bottom EQ on every channel
  • 2 stereo busses
  • Stereo input
  • 5-channel sub mixer
  • Pair of valve limiters

Decca’s Geneva location console during the late 60s.

Used for the recording of the top tier of classical music, from Pavarotti to Benjamin Britten.

It was originally one of a pair of consoles (part 1 had the serial number 001) but is now completely unique.

It has been in operation since 2008 when the restoration was completed by Kevin van Green and Tim de Paravicini.

The job took 3 years. It had to be reverse-engineered by Tim and Kevin in order to draw up the necessary circuit diagrams.

Although in terrible cosmetic condition when acquired, the circuitry was pretty much complete.
Where things were missing, Kevin and Tim designed and fabricated replacements.

In addition to a full recap, the restoration included (where needed):

new valve bases
Ceaning all the valve pins
Vintage NOS valves
New transformers (hand-wound by Tim)
The wiring harnesses were cleaned, tested and repaired
New custom meters from Sifam with the original Decca scale made
Replacement NOS quadrant faders
New control knobs custom-machined out of aluminium (copied from the Decca originals – many of the bakelite knobs had to be removed in order to clean the switches)
The chassis stripped, repainted and silk screened
(…the list goes on…)

A comprehensive patch-bay was designed and built by Kevin.

Sale price not 100% determined but a rough ball park would be something in the region of a quarter of a million pounds.