36 Ch Neve VR Legend For Sale

36 Channel Neve VR Legend For Sale


£26k No VAT

Neve VR legend 36 channel 

The console itself was originally a 62 frame desk, that has been cut down for the current owners use. 

  • 36 Channels 
  • Well labelled Patch bay to right of the console (Recently redone and well maintained)
  • Fully serviced and in working order 
  • Includes manual 
  • Comes with it own Plasma Power PSU and mains voltage mains
  • The desk runs warm but not too hot like a traditional Neve VR. It did not require the air mod. 
  • Recently been recapped 
  • No flying faders 



The owner purchased via AES it is said to have been originally owned by Capitol records and used by artists like Areatha franklin and Guns n Roses. 

For the last 9 years it has been at the current owners studio happily with no problems so far. Under going maintenance once a year. 

“It has recently just had a lot of channels recapped and a new rebuilt power supply. It’s a solid desk, sounds amazing works perfect – it’s been regular looked after by tech Neil McCombie.”

“It’s been looked after well by myself. – no spilled coffee or drink or anything. no sticky knobs or anything. This desk also has the broadcast board installed (if your doing that) so you can have 3 modes. – Mic mode (track) – Mix mode (Mix) and broadcast (a mixture of both)”

Shipping from U.K.