API 1608 For Sale Incl. Stand, Looms & Patch Bay For Sale

API 1608 For Sale Incl. Stand, Looms & Patch Bay for sale

£35k ex VAT or best offer

API 1608 fully loaded with 12 x 550A EQ and 4 x 560 EQ, complete with patch bay, looms, custom stand and in absolutely mint condition.

All XLR connectors were upgraded on just after purchase by API under warranty to reflect their newest model.

The Patch bays are labelled and the looms are made of high quality cables & connectors.

Also included is a solid stand on wheels, which was custom made in MDF and is still bare so can be spray painted the desired colour to suit a new environment (would look great in black).

This is a ready to go, plug in & play studio centrepiece that is still in perfect condition, just like new!

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