API 525 500 Series Compressor Module For Sale

API 525 For Sale



The API 525, originally released in the 70’s, is a feedback type compressor, such as the 1176 and 660, etc. An input (threshold) control and output (make-up gain) control are provided. An additional Ceiling fine tune function modifies threshold and make-up gain for precise changes in compression without changes in output.

A compression/limit switch sets ratio at either 2:1 or 20:1. Attack time is as fast as 15u/s. Four auto release modes are offered via two switches, 0.1s, 0.5s, 1.5s, & 2.0s. A De-Ess function inserts an inverse vocal energy curve filter in the detector for effective sibilance/p-pop reduction.

The API 525 is perhaps the most successful solid state feedback compressor in history. It delivers dynamics control behaviour unlike VCA feed forward compressors so common today.

Sold in excellent condition and perfect working order.

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