Boxer T5 For Sale

Boxer T5 Monitors with Amps For Sale


£10k ono


Neil Grant Boxer T5 system, the ultimate monitoring system.

One of the greatest of all time studio monitors.

Located in France (East).

Private sale without VAT.



Full description provided by Seller:


Boxer T5 monitors (x3) with custom made Chevin Research amps (all spec’d by Neil Grant the actual designer).

Originally from Studio Davout, Paris – the equivalent of Paris’ Abbey Rd.

The third speaker box is identical but in storage at the moment and was simply too heavy to get out! Will do and photograph for serious buyer though, of course.

All drivers, mid range and tweeters in perfect condition.

Also have spare tweeters.

The cabling for it all is top class too.

They sound like ATCs on steroids. An incredible sounding system.