24ch Cadac G Series Console For Sale

Rare 1972 Cadac G Series For Sale



1972 Cadac G 24ch

G228 and G232

16 bus (12 loaded) G233

16 monitor returns (12 loaded) G234

2 foldback sends

4 echo sends with EQ

8 fx returns with EQ

The console is fully class A with no IC anywhere.

It has 2 PSUs, one that runs at +24V for lights and switches, and one at +44V for the audio path.

All input transformers are Marinair /st.Ives 1444 and 1447, like on vintage Neve, one for line-in and one for mic-in.

All the EQs are LCR (inductor based, like a Pultec), and all the console feature mastering grade Elma switches except the echo/ foldback sends which are normal pots.

Echo sends modules features a “Spin” control. This works as a feedback/repetition control in case you patch in a tape recorder and use it as a tape echo.

The console is quadrophonic, so the monitors have 4 channel outputs through big Marinair output transformers.

There is a right-hand B-gauge patch bay that hosts many remote-controlled relay switches, in order to shorten the signal path.


Main console:
Height to fader: 73cm
Height to meter bridge: 100cm
Width: 251cm

Patch bay:
Length: 150cm
Width: 65cm

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