Chilton/ AMRS (Audio Mobile Recording Services) Console For Sale

Chilton/ AMRS (Audio Mobile Recording Services) console 20:16:2 discrete split console with Sowter transformers & inductor based EQ 
For Sale

Price On Application

20 Channels with Sowter mic/line input transformer, 5 band EQ (2 high shelves, inductor mid band, 2 low shelves). 5 aux/echo/cue sends, all switchable pre/post EQ and fader. Inserts Pre EQ, Post EQ & Post fader.

Master section: 16 groups outputs with Sowter transformer & 3 cue sends. 16 tape monitor returns with 1 echo send. Speaker switching for 2 sets of speakers. Sowter transformers on all master section outputs. PPM meters on groups and mix bus. Built in B-gauge patchbay. All faders are P&G. Total of 36 inputs to mix, using the channels and tape monitor returns.

History: The paperwork with the console has the company name AMRS – Audio Mobile Recording Services. The directors were R J Cox and Terry Newbery, and they were based in Twickenham. We are yet to hear more about AMRS. The PCBs inside the console and the construction style is the same as the older Chilton consoles such as the M10, what connection between the two companies there is remains a mystery but from the component date codes and what dates there are on the paperwork it must have been built around the 1976-78 period. Perhaps AMRS had a mobile truck with the console installed in it. A character by the name of Doug Hopkins ran recording trucks out of Twickenham. Ownership of the console has changed 7 times since 1985.

A technical appraisal is scheduled for late Feb 2021 and more photos will be taken as well as further discussion & research into its value.


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