Deutsche Grammophon Console For Sale

Siemens Telefunken 1959 All-Tube Console For Sale


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A Historic Masterpiece


1959 Deutsche Grammophon Custom-Built Tube Console


Deutsche Grammophon’s Legacy, 1960 – 1978


Technical Specifications:


  • 43 Telefunken V72 Preamplifiers
  • 2 Telefunken V74 Ampllfiers
  • 6 Telefunken V76s Preamplifiers
  • 2 Telefunken U73bt Compressors / Limiters
  • 2 Telefunken U71 Level Monitors
  • 1 Telefunken U74 Preamplifier Limiter
  • 13 Eckmiller W86a EQs
  • 2 Eckmiller TS10 / Eckmiller HS10 Filters
  • 5  Eckmiller PF 5/8h EQs
  • 4 Eckmiller W68 / 13 x Eckmiller W85 Faders
  • 1 LFT H481 Tone Generator


1959 Deutsche Grammophon Custom-Built Tube Console
This is a meticulously crafted console – one of only two in existence. – it was forged in the golden age of Deutsche Grammophon, a period that defined classical and orchestral recording as we know it today.
Born within the historic walls of Deutsche Grammophon’s headquarters in Hanover-Langenhagen, this console holds the echo of a remarkable period in music history. It was the dawn of on-site orchestra recordings, a time when this custom-built console was meticulously designed to capture the essence of live performances in their full sonic grandeur. Among the symphonies and operas that it recorded, the works of maestros like Herbert Von Karajan stand out, their music a testament to the exceptional quality of Deutsche Grammophon’s recordings.

In 1978, when Deutsche Grammophon trailblazed into the digital era, this console found a new home. It was acquired by a private collector who, recognizing its historic significance, installed it in a repurposed German World War II bunker.

Since 2002, this console has resided at in the private room of a professional studio, demonstrating its versatile character by contributing to a diverse range of recordings from rock to rap.

Maintained by a team of top engineers and technicians, its original or period-correct components, including the highly acclaimed Telefunken V72 and V76 amplifiers and the U73 tube compressors, have been preserved, providing the console with its unique and unparalleled warmth and detail in sound.

In essence, this Deutsche Grammophon console is not just an audio apparatus – it is a window into the golden era of Deutsche Grammophon’s orchestral recordings, a testament to the art of audio engineering, and a beacon of the exceptional audio quality that remains a hallmark of Deutsche Grammophon’s legacy.

To own this console is to own a piece of music history and to continue the tradition of excellence embodied by Deutsche Grammophon.

Built at Deutsche Grammaphon Headquarters Hanover-Langenhagen


• 18 ch. with mic/line selection and fixed gain with a switchable pad of -10, -20, or -30dB, and phase switch
• 8 ch. with single direct output
• 10 ch. with dual pan-controlled outputs
• 13 ch. with W86a filter
• 5 ch. with PF5/8h EQ
• 3 stereo summing busses with individual V76s
• 2 HS10LPFs,2xTS10HPFs
• 5 auxes with main meters
• Built-in talkback mic
• H481 oscillator module
• EMT plate remote control
• 2 U73bt compressors
• Monitor check module with dedicated meters
• Patchbay: Built-in
• Dimensions: 219 cm (86.2 in) x 95 cm (37.4 in) x 110 cm (43.3 in)
Full brochure available upon request.