For Sale: “The Prototype” EMI TG 12345 Mk1 Used By The Beatles To Record ‘Abbey Road’

The Beatles Abbey Road Console For Sale: EMI TG 12345 Mk.1 


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EMI TG 12345 Mk.1 – a masterpiece of sound engineering with a rich history spanning over half a century.


This isn’t just any console; it’s a time capsule of sonic excellence, boasting 12x Dual Microphone Cassettes, 4x Echo & 2x Cue Sends, Compressors, and 4x Dual Main Mix capabilities.


This console played a pivotal role in shaping some of the most iconic sounds in music history.


Crafted with precision by EMI Research, every component exudes quality, built to military standards that ensure durability and unparalleled performance.


But what truly sets this console apart are the stories it holds.


It’s a fully restored gem from the golden age of recording.


The truly defining piece of Abbey Road Studio history, this very console served as the creative conduit for the Beatles, crafting timeless hits that defined an era.


It’s the same console that helped produce what Rolling Stone dubbed as one of the top 5 greatest albums of all time.


This is an incredible once in a lifetime opportunity to to own the most sought-after recording console from the most famous studio in the world.


The console is operational exactly how it was when the Fab Four used it.


The TG 12345 Mk I desk was used not only on Abbey Road, but also on several solo Beatles’ recordings. 
John Lennon’s Instant Karma was wholly recorded and mixed on this desk, as was much of Ringo’s Sentimental Journey album. 
Some sessions for Paul’s McCartney album also made use of the desk, and Maybe I’m Amazed and Every Night were both recorded and mixed entirely on the TG.
George Harrison’s classic All Things Must Pass album was also made using this console. 


For info pack including

  • Technical Report by Peter Higgs
  • A complete history of the console
  • preview copies of signed letters of provenance from key figures at EMI Studios London (Abbey Road) who were there at the time Beatles used the console:
    • Ken Townsend MBE, former General Manager of EMI Studios
    • Dave Harries former recording engineer at EMI Studios & General Manager of Air Studios
    • Phil Hancock, former technical engineer EMI Studios
    • Brian Gibson, former technical engineer EMI Research Labs Hayes and EMI Studios
    • Mike Hedges, record producer & principal client EMI Studios throughout the 1980s
    • Terry Britten, singer-songwriter & record producer State of the Ark Studios Richmond and former EMI TG owner



The console available immediately – it is currently crated at MJQ and ready to ship to its new home.