EMT 259-10 Compressor Rack For Sale

EMT 259 Compressor Rack For Sale

£3,800 (EU)

EMT 259-10N Powered Rack containing:

2x EMT 261 Limi – Comp
2x EMT 257 Limiter
2x EMT 260 Filter Limiter
2x EMT 258 Noise Filter

The rack looks visually excellent, very clean and untouched by any unauthorised service. 

Generally no bumps, scratches, any type of oxidation or smell. 

All screws are original with clean unscrewed heads.

The EMT 259-10 rack unit is missing its lower blue aluminium sheet cover strip on the left side. It is not visible when racked.

One of the EMT 258 Noise Filters is missing black cap on the Release potentiometer knob and the pot look very slightly bent, but works as it should.

One of the EMT 261 face panels has slight damage of the writtening of the word Release. Looks like somebody tried to clean the panel with alcohol.

When power is on, the red EMT logo on the power supply illuminates. When twisting the knobs, the indicators move very occasionally (scratchy pots perhaps).

Full test yet to be undertaken. Service likely due to ageing components.