Generic Audio (GEM) Preceptor Compressor Limiter For Sale

Generic Audio (GEM Audio Labs) Preceptor Compressor Limiter For Sale


GEM audio were originally Generic Audio, then it was pointed out to them that Generic does not translate well in English, so they changed their name to GEM.
Also after some high profile reviews form Tape Op and some online Magazines absolutely loved it, but wanted the choice of a less colourful sound for mix bus and mastering applications, GEM Audio made the Model T (transparent)
and changed the orignal to Model A (aggressive).
As you can see from the picture this is unit  002! Before any of the changes to the company name and the model names. So in that light, it is an extremely rare unit. From what we understand it is a Model A without the rebadge. Although we cannot be 100% sure there are no other changes.
It is an amazing box, extremely well built, with a unique sound. They never come up for sale, especially a unit this early with original branding.