A DAW’s Dream Analogue Front End Bundle For Sale: Trident 80B + Studer A80 + customised CLASP system

A Complete Analogue Front End Record & Mix System using Top Vintage Console and Tape Machine

Price on Application

Trident 80B + Studer A80 (24 & 16 track) + CLASP system (completely re-engineered)

The perfect marriage of vintage analog warmth with seamless precision DAW recording.

3 years of painstaking routing modifications to achieve this hybrid studio dream.

A highly customised tape to DAW package centred around a beautiful Trident 80B recording console.

30 inputs, 8 stereo sources, 56 channels analog summing in mixdown… all with EQ, insert point & fader.

The ultimate analogue front end with the speed and convenience of Pro Tools.

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