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World Class Mastering Package For Sale

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Sterling Modular 3-pod console
Waves L2 Ultramaximiser stereo mastering compressor. 48bit 96 kHz
Maselec MLA3 Multiband compressor
Prismsound Maselec Mastering series MEA2 . Precision Stereo equalizer x2
Junger Accent 1. Digital Dynamics processor
Maselec MTC2 Monitor Control
Maselec MTC-1 disk control
Maselec MTC-2 Master Control x3
Maselec MTC-2 Master Router x3
Fairman The Tube master stereo valve compressor
GML model 9500 Mastering Equalizer
Neumann H4808  Oscillator. Cal,16k,10k,5k, 1k, 100Hz, 20Hz.
Neumann U473 SP Compressor with control for Threshold LHS x4
Neumann OE Duo equalizer x4
Sony CDP-D500  CD Player.  BSL spindle motor
Prismsound Dream ADA-8XR multi-channel AD-DA convertor
Prismsound Dream ADA-8XR 8-channel AD-DA convertor. Upgraded
Z systems audio engineering Z-32.32r digital detangler pro
AMPEX ATR102 1/2″ analogue tape recorder with additional 1/4″ headblock. Incl 1/2″ & 1/4″ rollers and 1/2″ & 1/4″ editing blocks. Plus Variable speed controller.
Dolby model 363 SR/A Noise Reduction
PMC BB5 monitors (2) tri-amped.(see Brystons below) dimensions – approx 7 ft tall – but can be split into two cabinets
Bryston. Active crossover x2
Bryston amplifier for bass end x2
Bryston amplifier for mid frequencies x2
Bryston amplifier for top end x2
Meter bridge with VU meters for Left, Centre, Right, Left rear, Sub & Right rear: plus a stereo  NTP light beam meter
Technics SL1200 MK ll turntable with arm, and Musical Fidelity preamp X-LP
Yamaha NS10-M studio monitor
Bryston 3BST amplifier for NS10Ms.
Westwick Communications 10kW power transformer
Protools Native HD version 10.3 software
Soundblade HD version 2.3 software (Licence transfer available)
30″ LG Monitor
RTW PortaMonitor:  frequency display and phase meter
Antelope Isochrone Trinity Universal H/D Master Clock
DCS 904 DSD:   A to D convertor
DCS 955:   D to A convertor
DCS 950:   D to A convertor
Plus all distribution amps, power supplies, cables, connectors & sundries.

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