Matched Pair of Telefunken V69 Class A Amps For Sale

Telefunken V69 Class A Amp For Sale




The V69 and V69a was a real Class A amplifier with an output of 25 Watts.

In the pre-amplifier section the V69 used EF12 tubes, which were changed in 1956 at the V69a version into EF804S types.

These tubes were used in the V72 and the V76 also, so the German broadcast-studios did not have to stock several types of tubes.

The production of the EF12(k) was stopped in 1956 at TELEFUNKEN in Berlin.

After introducing the V69a in 1956, all versions from the V69 were modified from the broadcast radio and TV stations to the V69a type by changing tube-sockets, tubes, the F2a11 grid resistors and the common screen-grid resistor for the new EF804S types.

All transformers for this type were built by TELEFUNKEN too.

Today you can find these versions with a lot of modifications replacing the input-transformers with the EF804s. Be careful when you will hear the word “modification”.

We have seen a lot of those “modifications”, which really made the amplifier worse than better. But normally, these two types were more stable than the newer V69b.

The V69b was introduced in 1963 and was now built from AEG-TELEFUNKEN in Hannover.

For reducing the scattering field, main (and output) transformers now uses Pu-lamination instead of the EI-lamination.

Output-power changed now from Class A to Class AB and from 25 to 35 Watts.

The rectifier-tubes were replaced with a “Graetz” silicon-rectifier and many paper-capacitors were taken out for newer, smaller, polyester caps.

But nearly three years after introducing this new type, the main-transformer created a lot of problems.

This transformers were not vacuum and varnished finished and fell out. AEG-TELEFUNKEN took these transformers back and changed them for in vain.

Furthermore, if good transformers from these series were sent back, they finished them with vacuum and with varnish.

Take care, if you want to buy a V69b, because there are some amplifiers with these transformers still on the market, you may have to be lucky, but normally every V69b main-transformer will fall out.

In 1968 or 1969 the production from this type stopped, so the chance to get a V69b from the second series is very small.

In our opinion, the V69(a) is the much better sounding amplifier with a better volume.