Neumann SM2C with 2 x NOS AC701 Tubes For Sale

Neumann SM2C Microphone with 2 x NOS AC701 Tubes



Neumann SM2C With NOS Tubes AC701

Quoting the seller directly:


“Offer of a refurbished vintage stereo tube microphone SM2c of the Neumann with original power supply, cables, aluminium case and 2 new tested original Telefunken NOS tubes AC 701:

Both the microphone and the power supply were recently refurbished in November 2023 by tube specialist Peter Drefahl, managing director of drefahlaudio personally for over €1,000 euros 
Extensively restored and overhauled, so that the buyer can be sure that he is receiving a flawless product. 
The set is in excellent condition and above all sounds excellent.
In attachment A2 [available by email on request] I am sending the price development of the Neumann SM 2 at the Reverb sales platform over the last 2 years. As of March 2024, this microphone is currently around €10,000. However, since my microphone here is not an “SM 2” but an “SM 2c”, the price is significantly higher for the following reason reason, which was confirmed to me by the company drefahlaudio.

Quote from Peter Drefahl:

“The SM2c has an approx. 11dB higher headroom than the SM2 and the circuit is much more stable overall.”
So the SM 2c is definitely the better microphone compared to the SM 2.”
In addition, my offer includes the following exceptional opportunity that is currently not available anywhere else on the market:
I am including 1 new matched pair of NOS replacement AC701 tubes.

These selected tubes are tested and the best matched pair I have ever owned.

Both tubes have the exact same bias value of 0.76, which is an absolute rarity. This means that these two tubes are ideal for stereo synchronization and stereo operation.
The two NOS tubes are only available with the stereo microphone together and not separately, as this would preserve the value of this extraordinary vintage microphone in the long term !!!
The price for the refurbished Neumann Vintage Microphone SM2c #349 with the original Neumann power supply NSM #436 and the 2 NOS tubes AC701 is €15,000 Euro. 
Pickup desired for safety reasons. Shipping is possible 

Attention, important note for inexperienced users:

The quality of a tube cannot be judged after it has been switched on.

The tubes should always be allowed to warm up for 2-3 hours before recording, otherwise disturbing effects such as increased noise may occur.”


Shipping from Germany.

VAT charged if buyer is within Germany; private sale without VAT.