Neumann U77 For Sale

Neumann U77 Microphone 


£3,700 No VAT

Neumann U77 Microphone


“The U77 has a tighter and extended bottom end and a more open top than a U87. The U77 is a distinct design and is different from either the U67 or the U87. The capsule is the same as the U67 and is powered at the same voltage as the U67 (60V) unlike the original U87 (ca. 45V.). Compared to a U67, the U77 is not as dark. Being solid state, it lacks some of the “creaminess” of the U67 but has greater clarity, lower noise, more punch, and is easily one-half or less the cost of a similar vintage U67.”


Includes original PSU,  Direct stand mount and cradle.


Serial Number: 5957


Audio samples available upon request


Shipping or Collection from MJQ London