Neve 8068 MKII For Sale

For Sale: Neve 8068 MKII 32 input with Flying Faders

  • 32 input Neve 8068 console with centre section.
  • Format: 24 channels, centre section, 8 more channels.
  • 16 buss (with pan), 8 sends (4 mono, 2 stereo), 32 direct outs, quad mix buss (front and rear stereo busses). L-R/F-B panning on each channel.
  • The 31102 EQ/Pre are 3-band with switchable shelf and HP/LP filters, equivalent to the 1084.
  • It has two 2264a compressors, a noise gate and a sliding filter module in the centre section above the buss masters. These could be included by separate negotiation.
  • There is also a 3 way speaker switcher in an external box controlled by buttons in the centre section.
  • The Flying Faders system is 32 channel faders, 2 master stereo faders (one for the front stereo buss, one for the rear) and 6 group master faders (control, no audio).
  • The console is fully wired to tt patch bays including mic in, line in, direct out, all inserts, buss and send outputs, as well as two track monitoring as well as tape/daw ins and outs.
  • It has been re-capped and re-relayed in the last 5 years.
  • Comes with full set of drawings and repair manual.

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