40ch Neve Custom Built for CBS Records For Sale

40ch Custom Neve For Sale


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Custom 40-Channel, 24-Bus, 32 Monitor Neve console originally designed for CBS Records in Japan, 1976. One of only three ever made with custom specified gold switches.

After CBS/Sony, the console was moved to The Way Studio in London. The console was moved to LA in 2012.

The console was restored and recapped and then sent it to Paul Cox to add phantom power and final check.

The console has been in the same studio for eleven years. The incandescent light bulbs in the monitor section were swapped out for LED’s in 2023 by the owner.

This A4310 is similar in construction to the 8078, but with a few differences, such as a more streamlined monitor section with extra headroom.  The console has 31105 input modules (25 Neve, 15 Shep) and 33415 buss amps like the 8078 console (Qty 46). 32420 Monitor modules (Qty 18). There is a full Uptown automation system that is in boxes, included with the console. The VU meters have active meter buffer amps.

Console includes all console interconnection cables, patchbay, three power supplies (including a spare), phantom power supply, meter driver power supply, and full uptown automation system (not installed). All original back panels included. Client-side cables (multitrack lines, outboard lines) not included.