Neve Phillipian For Sale

Neve Phillipian 8 Channel analog console made by Rupert Neve in 1978-79




Only about 20 of those were ever built.

One of the rarest pieces of recording gear in superb condition, acquired by one of UK’s leading vintage gear collectors.

This is a historical one as it has serial 0001 handwritten.

4 mic and 4 stereo line channels. Total of 12 channels. Unparalleled preamp gain and silky custom eq.

Complete custom BBC patch-bay and connectors made specifically for the Neve Phillipian

Serviced, recapped by one of London’s top vintage-gear tech in summer 2022.

One of the most beautiful sounds for pres in our studio (compared to our telefunken, rca, vintage api), warmer, fuller with more sparkle.



The team that worked on this design was : Rupert Neve, Geoff Watts and Charles Randall.

These mixers were produced between late 1978/ early 1979 and 1982. They were discontinued because manufacture was very labour intense and they were too costly to produce. These were built post-Neve UK factory, pre-Focusrite days under the Neve company’s non-compete agreement. This BTS Phillipian was designed in the specs of the ever famous 2 Montserrat consoles, by Rupert Neve and Geoff Watts, probably the best console ever made.



– Fully modular design for channel strips.

– Tons of headroom and gain.

– Custom made power supply built into modern standards

– Fully secure original wooden enclosure.

– A superb summing mixer for any high-end studio situation.

– Beautifully vintage but sparkling pre-amp section for vocals

– The case could be left connected with the lid closed

– Mic channels drive so warm that can be used a drive box


Technical and sound

These are constructed in the typical vintage Neve style: hot and beautiful Input transformers, high quality switches, penny & giles 100mm faders.

Each channel features: Balanced inserts, Mic/line gain switch (-10 to 80) Mid eq at 390/700/200/1.2k/2.2k/3.9k/7k, peak Eq level, Eq in/out, HPF at 110 or 70 Hz, LPF at 7k or 4k, EQ pre/post switches for each, Echo send, Cue send, Bus 1, Bus 2, Pan pot, gain trim, On and Solo buttons.

Each has a modular connector on the back

The sound is fantastic and FAT. Great for tracking. Also a perfect centre-station for for sweetening up digital recordings, summing, mastering. The sound and quality of construction is superb as it was made by Neve along the Neve Air Montserrat specs.

Located in London. 

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