PPG Wave 2 Vintage Synth For Sale

PPG Wave 2 Synthesizer For Sale

£12k ono

One owner from new

Purchased from Syco Systems in Paddington circa 1982

Used on countless records by highly respected writer.

Recently serviced by PPG specialist in Wien – see service report excerpt below.

No serial number (blank)



Report of service activities:

Each card has been tested in the testing system, following action has been taken:

Memory board: General service: All EPROMs and RAM chips checked (all fine!), open EPROM windows sealed, all tantalum caps (tend to explode) have been replaced with electrolytic caps, rechargeable batteries seem to be fine, nevertheless they tend to leak and have been replaced with a non-rechargeable 3,6 Volt battery*. Cleaning the board because of minor signs of leaking acid**. Modifying the loading circuit with a diode to prevent the cell from replaced. Issue 1: Decharge was current way too high (0,18 mA). Repair 1: Checking all chips and transistors, one transistor was broken, all transistors have been swapped, decharge current is now 1,3uA (=long lifespan of battery). Sealing battery power pins – still no boot. Issue 2: No booting Repair 2: Checking the digital area, IC 9 was broken. After swapping board could boot immediately. The presets and sequences have been deleted manually, the factory presets have been installed per cassette interface. Flawless operation now.

I/O Board: No issues found. All functions tested and board works properly (tone production, keyboard interface, AD converters, DA converters, pitchbend, tuning.

All Voice Cards: General Service: Cleaning the terminal connectors, recapping the voice board (tantalums, signal caps), fixing the sensitive resistors on the backside with hot glue, final tuning of the filter CV checked and comprehensive test. All voices are clean and clear. ***

Finally the boards have been checked in an 8 hour duration test with duration as well as several cold starts. The cards work flawlessly. Power consumption of the testing system with installed cards is 42 Watts (which is fine).

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