Reamp Electronics LA-2A For Sale

Reamp Electronics LA-2A clone

£1400 no VAT

One owner since new – in his words:

So from speaking to the builder, it’s a complete hand-made remake of the original LA-2A using top quality components. I think he used to offer them with the original Urei opto cell and UTC transformers but the price has gone mental on those so he offers the modern equivalents. But still a top quality build and compressor.
I don’t know how an original sounds but the builder is completely concerned with it measuring exactly like an original unit, in terms of distortion and frequency response etc. Component for component remake. 
Only thing I would say is that it most definitely sounds super ‘vintage’, thick low mids and quite mid-rangey and would recommend it for people making those kinds of recordings. I’ve owned other opto compressors which have more of a smiley curve than this.
Pickup in West London or shipping with full insurance.

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