SSL 4048 E / G For Sale

SSL 4056E/G VU TR VCA Console For Sale



€39k (£33,869 GBP / $41,670 USD)

“SSL 4000 from 1986:


  • 48 mono and 8 stereo channels (just like the one made famous by Chris Lord-Alge)


  • “Black” 242 EQ on all channels


  • VU Meter with Recycled Audio LED Upgrade


  • Total Recall


  •  Computer


  • VCA Automation


  • 2 x PSU + Changeover (refurbished by excellent SSL tech)


  • 2 x Spare Channels (1 Mono, 1 Stereo)


  • Extenders for all cards incl. Center section


  • Original Manuals


  • All cables


  • Lots of spares (cards, knobs, faders etc.)



Custom modifications:


The front/back pan knob was re-used to add a dry/wet blend for the channel insert.


With the “IN” switch out, everything works as usual, switch it in and you have have a smooth blend between your compressed signal on the insert and the non-compressed signal.


Cap values on the center section cards were brought up to G+ specs for full bottom end responds.


A pad was added to the Quad Comp sidechain to shift the Threshold to a much more usable range.


Finally you can hit the Stereo Bus as hard as you want and you can still dial in minimum amounts of Gain Reduction on the Quad Comp.


There’s a switchable pad for the main LF RF VU Meters, so you can see what’s going on when you’re “actually” pinning the meters.


All mods were done by experienced SSL Techs and are a huge benefit in a standard mixing workflow. Of course they are 100% reversible in case you prefer it stock.


The console is cosmetically in excellent shape. Everything was cleaned and there are no missing or broken parts anywhere. It’s as good as it gets for a vintage console!


In my opinion you can kill the vibe of vintage gear if you blindly recap everything, but there are certain caps (the orange ones) in E series consoles that can cause a lot of trouble.


All of those were replaced, other caps only if needed. All channels measure in and out to specs.


I mixed over 1000 Songs on this console in the past 8 years. There’s plenty of stuff to listen to if you’re interested in the sound. I use every feature of the console in my setup, so everything works as it should.


I’m only selling because I’m building a new studio around a bigger G+ Special Edition, so sadly I have to let this one go.”


Located in Berlin, Germany