Customised SSL 4048G with black EQ For Sale (no computer)

SSL 4048G For Sale

Price on Application

SSL 4000 G recording console with 48 channels with black EQ.

No computer or VCA automation – tracking console only.

A very clean console, fully serviced and in excellent condition.

This desk is unique in the sense that it has been reconfigured for modern studio i.e. chopped and the Producer Bay moved to the middle of the console! (A custom mod by Erik Breuer) so that the operate Pro Tools in the middle between 3 bucks of 8 channels on each side.
VU meters.
All channels recapped by Pete Higgs end 2020/ beginning 2021.
Pete is currently recapping the master section cards, which will be completed in March 2021.
Atomic power supply (serial number 001!) – a superb, low noise, efficient & reliable PSU made specifically for large format analogue consoles such as the SSL 4000 series.
Original SSL CF661G power supply also included.
Pay bay included – originally integrated on the left side of the console when the desk was in Red Bull’s previous London Bridge studio, but to make it fit in the new space it was reconfigured as a remote patch when the studio was moved to Red Bull offices in Covent Garden (this is also when the right hand Producer Bay was fitted into the middle of the desk, which was no small task!)
There is a gap in the top penthouse section of the master section between the VUs where a optional extra such as phase meter can be installed if desired (not included).
Pete Higgs’ final service has the console now in super condition.
A complete set of looms – thousands of pounds worth of cabling! – are all included.
All the looms to the patch bay are on DL.
The upholstery-  including black leather arm rest – are all in excellent condition.


SSL already dismantled by Bob Stewart (18/02/21).
MJQ moved it on 20/02/21 (down from 5th floor, saving a lot of trouble for the buyer) into storage in Chesham, Bucks., so it’s all ready to collect easily loading from ground floor.

Available immediately (except for the master section, which MJQ will collect from Pete Higgs once completed sometime in March depending on Pete’s schedule).

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