SSL 4056 G+ SE Console For Sale

SSL 4056 G+ SE Console For Sale



SSL 4056 G+ SE

Late 90s Special Edition with all features SSL ever offered (Motor faders, filmpan, 8 extra sends (AIR mod) etc. 48 Channels + 4 mono and 4 additional Stereo.

New Atomic PSU (old included too).

On the left side it’s 4 mono channels and 4 stereo channels mainly used for EFX return. Then it has 24 before the centre section and 24 after.

Currently used with DAW set up on the left hand side and tape machine on the right.

It has the Film Pan option; Total Recall; the AIR mod with 8 extra stereo sends; Moving faders and VCA’s; Motionworker Synchronizer system; plasma meters with both PEAK; VU spectrum analyzer and VCA fader metering; 4 extra AUX VCA stereo channels so you can automate external EFX for example…

Shipping or collection from EU.