SSL 4064 E / G+ For Sale

64 Channel E Series SSL 4000 with G+ Computer For Sale



Price on Application
SSL 4064 E/G+ with 3.5″ drive upgraded computer
64 Channels
Total Recall
Brown EQ
Channels 1-48 have Orange Eq (12 of them are actually the rare Maselec Eq Cards 9001)
Channels 49 to 64 have G series input cards with Brown Eq
– 2x PSU (SL611) with Fused upgrade
– 1x SwitchOver unit 
– 1x PSU for the Computer
– All interconnection cables to make the system work (change over and PSUs, all computer cables etc..)
– All console manuals
– extenders
– 2x meter bridge speakers support 
– Channel extender
– complete set of center section extenders
– PPM Meters on center section and axes and VU-Meters for the rest
– Producer panel ( you have two headphones out and you can control the talkback in other position than Engineer center )
– All Bulbs are replaced with LEDs
– it has the ALT Switcher MOD with which you can control 4 pairs of speakers from the center section
The console was fully reconditioned between year 2015 and 2016 and all electrolytics recapped with high grade Panasonic 105° type.
All console lamps have been replaced by LEDs (including VU meters)
It has an amazing sound quality, very low noise floor.
We don’t use the automation, but everything is there: PSU, computer, cables, extenders etc..
So if necessary it must be put back into operation by the buyer.
BOX with:
– spare various Potentiometers 
– spare small faders Penny&Giles 
– spare switches SOLO/CUT
SPARES list:
-n°19 Large Faders Penny&Giles cards SL676E 
-n°20 Large Routing Matrix switch cards
-n°9 Eq/Dynamics switch cards
-n°63 Large Routing Matrix switch NEEDS REPAIR
-n°6 Eq/Dynamics switch cards NEEDS REPAIR
-n°8 Front plates for Plasma meters
SPARES working Cards:
-n°7 Channel Amp Cards
-n°3 Logic Cards 
-n°3 VCA Cards
-n°3 Group Amplifier Cards
-n°2 Maselec Eq Cards (Very rare) 9001
-n°8 Brown Eq Cards CF82E02
-n°9 Pink Eq Cards 292
-n°2 Orange Eq Cards 82E132
-n°1 Black Eq Cards 242
SPARES Cards needs repair :
-n°5 Channel Amp Cards
-n°4 Multiplex Cards
-n°4 Logic Cards
-n°2 Maselec Eq Cards 9001
-n°2 Plasma Meters
-n°2 VCA Cards
Located in Italy