SSL 6048 G+ For Sale

SSL 6048 G+ For Sale

Price on Application
A gorgeous and rare original 6048 G+ with full extras.
2 owners from new (including the seller).
Originally build for a studio in Japan as a 72ch but cut down to 48 (can easily be reintegrated if required).
It has an amazing sound quality, very low noise floor… everyone is astonished when mixing in this console due to its sound quality and very quiet for an SSL.
Its mostly due to the original SSL Japanese PSU, which is a workhorse and very quiet.
And all the custom electronic requirements from the original owner which made it super quiet.
Very beautiful and in pristine condition; seems like a Special Edition.
Also added already TFT and it is fully LED
Very well taken care of and maintained.
Full spec:
Series 6000 G+ 
EQ 292 (also known as pink knob EQs)
VU meters (Stereo VU meters + PPM meters on center section bridge)
G Series computer (SL691G G Series Computer + 3½-inch floppy disk drive)
Total Recall
8 x group faders, 3 x A-B-C bus faders
Original user and technical manuals included
SL661J Console PSU (very low noise floor, supports up to 56 channels load)
All standard G+ upgrades
4 x automated stereo patchable VCAs
Split cues
All external inputs/outputs fully buffered;
Fader to meters 
(Loads of extra features, spares, accessories etc.)
Lots of upgrades, extras as well as spares, looms, accessories and special mods.

Console custom upgrades done:

All console lamps have been replaced by LEDs (including VU meters) with matching light tone; centre section screen replaced with an LCD screen; all console centre section underneath panels have been lowered to allow for improved air flow and heat dissipation; custom console-wide shelf made from pine to allow for better positioning of multiple audio monitors; signal converter installed to support an extra external LCD monitor.

Extras included in the package:

All required cabling (inputs, inserts, externals, etc.); Konnektor system (simply the best system to sync the console and transport with the DAW –; Avid HD Sync (to integrate protools SMPTE/LTC with the console – Protools is master); external LCD monitor; external USB 3½-inch floppy disk drive to do backups of the floppy disks into the PC (plus Several packs of 3½-inch floppy disks). 
Console maintenance:
Channel strip extender
A complete set of center section extenders + 6000 section extenders
Custom Ultimation fader extenders
Extra Ultimation faders and parts to maintain these faders
A batch of LEDs to replace if ever necessary
Several assorted parts and electronics components
A big library of digital versions of technical manuals and diagrams to help maintain the console (of multiple SSL consoles and different revisions).