Strauss Elektroakustik SE-MF-4 (pair) + SE-PA-100 Amp For Sale

Strauss Elektroakustik SE-MF-4 (Pair) For Sale



£24k ex VAT

‘The best speaker ever made’ * –  *HIFI and Musik magazine

The Low Inductivity Technology LIT transducer is the next step forward in audio reproduction quality.

“Absolutely by far the best monitoring I’ve ever had, I’ve ever heard in any control room I’ve ever been in…just unbelievable sounding.” — Eric Valentine. 

Purchased new in 2020, the owner of this system is looking to sell for £24k ex VAT with the amp and will include the Strauss Elektroakustik stands for free (there is a small chip at the front corner of one of the stands but the speakers themselves are perfect). 

Located in UK