Studer A80 16 Track 2″ For Sale

16-track Studer A80 For Sale


Studer 16 track A80 with remote, fully refurbished:

New motors, new capstan, new heads, upgrade to 30 ips, upgrade to mk2 transport cards, FULLY recapped, all a101 op-amps changed to new handmade revox a101 (studer direct replacement), custom-made relay box to do input monitoring and split tracking… and much more….

Includes a lot of new tapes as well as older working tapes, 2x MRL test tapes, plus a bunch of spares and tools.

Fairman, Jens-Otto Villadsen and Elberg service engineers over the last 30 years.

Deep cleaned.

Runs like new.

And has the VERY rare Remote.

Almost £17k spent. Looking for close offer.

Some of the work done to the machine:

– Both Spool motors have been replaced with brand new NOS Studer A80 motors.
– Capstan motor replaced with brand new NOS Studer A80 motor.
– All tape transport control cards upgraded to MK2 (for smooth transport and 15 and 30
ips tape speeds).
– Custom external relay box makes it possible to track with input monitoring and split,
so both digital and tape version can be captured at the same time.
– Machine has been deep cleaned.
– All motor caps changed
– All Audio Cassettes recapped and A101 black op-amps changed for Revox A101 open
frame op-amps.

– Machine had its heads changed in 1998, and have been privately owned since, so they are in amazing condition.
– Transport control panel and switches replaced, on off switch replaced, edit mode speed switch replaced.
– Machine has vari speed potentiometer added and vari speed card.
– All pots and switches on audio cassettes have been taken apart and cleaned /
The Machine has been serviced by Werner Fairman the last 30 years (It lived in storage for +10 years), then Jens Otto Villadsen do a lot of service on it. All comment on its amazing condition.
Some of stuff included with the machine:
– Very rare original remote, remote PSU, and all cables for it
– Custom made relay box as described (diagrams and setup ideas can be supplied)
– 3 new (max 2 uses) RTM SM900 tapes
– 11 Used tapes
– Reproduce Alignment MRL tape
– Assortment of different misc spares etc.

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