Trident Series 80 LRAB For Sale

Trident Series 80 LRAB

For Sale

£30,000 ex VAT

Trident Series 80 LRAB

Custom built for Swedish Broadcast with several upgrade/modifications: Jenson Transformers in the channels as well as the rear of the Console which provide fully balanced outputs for Groups, Aux, Monitoring and other busses & facilities. Modules also modded to reduce noise and improve performance. Configured 30 input modules with just 16 Group/Monitors.

Two vacant slots wired for 17- 24 which already have Meters and appear on the patch bay; additional source selectors for Playback & Monitoring plus the addition of  NTP Bargraph Meters for Stereo & Phase plus the Standard VU meters for Group & Tape. Patch with 96 point patch for Mic Lines & External Equipment on Van Damme OFC Cable.

The console is in very good condition, having just received a full service & cosmetic clean. All Motherboard Connectors, Pots, Switches, Faders & Patchbay points have been cleaned & lubricated and are fully functioning allowing noise free signal with no ‘Scratchy’ pots or switch contacts. The Console comes with several Tuchel & Edac Cable Looms plus full Manuals.

Shipping or collection from London


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