Tube Tech LCA 2B For Sale

Tube Tech LCA 2B Dual Channel Tube VCA Compressor/Limiter For Sale


£1,800 no VAT ono

The Tube-Tech LCA 2B Stereo Compressor is dual-channel, tube-based compressor/limiter combo featuring two independent and linkable channels. The LCA 2B is a powerful and versatile VCA compressor, ideal for treating vocals and instruments. The versatile design means it can also be used a bus compressor, making it great for drums & percussion tracks. Six attack/release presets are included, borrowed from Fairchild time constants. The compressor and limiter sections are separated, allowing you to use each independently. The flexible functionality makes it ideal for both studio and live touring racks.

Sold in great cosmetic condition with some signs of wear.

Shipping or collection form London.