Urei 1176LN Rev H (4 available) For Sale

Urei 1176LN Rev H Mono Classic Comp/Lim. (4 available) For Sale


£3,750 ex VAT (each)

The Urei 1176 Compressor/Limiter was first introduced in 1968, created by Bill Putnam Sr. as the solid state successor to his tube-based 176 limiting amplifier. The 1176 uses a Field Effect Transistor, or FET, as a voltage divider to accomplish the task of compression, in conjunction with I/O transformers and a Class A line level amplifier. The 1176 was meant to be a ‘true peak limiter’ with a very fast attack of up to 20 microseconds, and lots of gain for a compressor – up to 45 dB.

The design of the unit went through numerous changes, taking a while to hit its stride. The originals were somewhat noisy, prompting Brad Plunkett of Urei to design the Low Noise circuit that gave the unit its ‘LN’ designation. Improvements continued to be made over the years, with the result that there are 9 major revisions of the vintage 1176, given the letters A, A/B, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. The substance of these revisions is detailed below, gleaned from the Universal Audio website.

Based on the look of their faceplates, Revisions A, A/B, and B are all nicknamed the Bluestripe, since they all featured a section of blue paint around the VU meter. Revisions C to G all have the nickname Blackface for their black anodized aluminum, while the final Revision H is known as the Silverface, for its natural brushed aluminum. Most units include the revision letter with the serial number on the back. Revisions C, D and E (the first three with the LN circuit) are all very similar, and are historically the most beloved.

Despite the many design changes, all 1176 units have their basic features in common:

  • Input level control
  • Output level control
  • Threshold: dependent on input and ratio levels
  • Attack time: variable 20 µS microseconds to 800 µS microseconds
  • Recovery time: variable 50 mS to 1.1 sec
  • Compression Ratio: 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1, All-button
  • VU Meter
  • Meter select: Off, Gain Reduction, Output Level at +4 dBm or +8 dBm
  • Barrier strip I/O and 1176 SA stereo-link RCA jack on rear

Four separate units available all in good working order, showing a few signs of wear but overall in good shape.

Shipping from UK.