Urei 1176LN Rev H Mono Comp/Lim. For Sale

Urei 1176LN Rev H Mono Comp/Lim. For Sale


£3,750 ex VAT (each)

Sold in good condition and perfect working order. 4 separate units available. Please enquire for more info.

Revision H

Serial Numbers 7652-12200+

The final revision made no changes to the circuitry, only the cosmetics and the layout. The faceplate was changed from black anodized to natural brushed aluminum. The Universal Audio silkscreened logo was removed and replaced with a blue Urei logo on a raised badge, (sometimes only a black printed Urei logo is used). The VU meter was changed to a Modutec “light box” type, using two internal lights, and the Off button for the meter was changed from black to red plastic.

On the rear panel were some key safety improvements: the fuse holder went from round to square and the voltage switch was moved to be above the new IEC cable input, replacing the attached power cord that had been a literal fixture of the device since the very first model.

At approximately serial number 10750, Harman Electronics took over Urei, and the familiar black and silver Urei sticker on the rear was changed to a Harman sticker. No changes were made to the circuitry, and another couple thousand units were manufactured before the brand folded.

Shipping / collection from UK.