Urei LA-4 Compressor Limiter 1980s Silverface Racked Pair For Sale

Urei LA-4 Compressor Limiter 1980s Silverface Racked Pair For Sale


£1,499 no VAT

The Urei LA-4 is a single channel compressor / limiter in half-rack format with very simple controls for input/threshold and output gain. Ratio control and meter function are selectable on these same two knobs. Attack and release times are not controllable.

The LA-4 used op-amp electronics and saw a couple very minor circuit revisions through its production and cosmetic changes. Blackface and silverface versions are largely interchangeable when properly serviced. The LA-4 is a very popular platform for modifications to expand its bandwidth and speed up the slew-rate of the audio electronics.

The rear panel features a high/low sensitivity switch and terminals for input and output connections. Later versions (post 1980) featured rear connections for stereo coupling.

This pair is offered in good condition and perfect working order withs a few signs of wear.

Shipping / collection from London.