Vintage BBC Calrec mobile recording unit For Sale

BBC Calrec Mobile Recording “Lunchbox” Mixer For Sale

£2,450 plus VAT
  • ex Angel Studios
  • 1/4″ jack version

Calrec PQ1161 preamp / EQ

BBC AM6-17 compressor

GPO patch

BBC Calrec lunchbox EQ/pre, compressor & patch built for the BBC in 1970s for high quality location recording.

Calrec PQ1161: absolutely incredible sounding micpre/EQs with a discrete Sowter transformer balanced mic & line level preamplifier design; 3-Band inductor based EQ (switchable in or out of circuit) with +/- 15dB gain per band, high/ mid/ low freq; low & high pass filters; polarity reversal; XLR mic/ line level inputs.

The low end is tighter and punchier than Neve and more in the direction of API, while the highs are much more in the direction of Neve than API mic preamps. They are very open and have a brilliant and silky top end to them. They are relatively fast and tend to be a bit more “aggressive” sounding than their (3)3114 counterpart.

The EQ section on these is absolutely beautiful.

When doing additive equalization, it adds that certain sort of smooth “harmonic fuzz” to the tone that older Neve EQ tends to do. The bandwidth on the EQ is very similar as the 33114, also helping give it a similar EQ tone and presence.

It’s absolutely killer on guitars and drums, especially with the output attenuators.

You can play around with distorting the Sowter input transformers to varying degrees and then attenuate the output a bit to Pro Tools.

The EQ is also very effective when used in a more moderate manner.

The sound quality of the preamps is excellent and they have a very large and warm presence……

The AM/17 are very similar to a Neve 32264 (ie 33609).


in/out, ratio, threshold, gain make-up, gain recovery, compression recovery, voice over gain.

Built by Calrec to a BBC design spec, the AM6/17 module was designed as a general purpose, overshoot free, limiter and compressor for studio use.

This vintage mobile recording unit has an on-board Post Office type 316 (GPO) patch that can be modified if necessary.

Working condition:

After many hours of hard labour, the EQ is working beautifully and the compressor sounds great but need lining up properly, which requires the elusive voltage map circuit diagram as everything is interconnected. It can be done without, it just takes longer…

Sold as seen with tech report.

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