70s Vox AC30 For Sale

Vox AC30 (1970s) For Sale



Please feel free to correct if wrong, but this seems to display all the characteristics of a Dallas Industries Vox AC-30/6 Top Boost, which were in production between 1974-1977.

According to http://www.voxshowroom.com/uk/amp/ac30_dallas.html:

Dallas Arbiter, a British company owned by CBS, took control of Vox in 1972. They produced this excellent hand wired AC-30 Top Boost amp from 1974 through 1977.  During this same period, Dallas also produced a version of this amp with reverb which included an Accutronics spring delay line. The introduction of these amps tell an amazing comeback story for both Vox and the AC-30. Both faced extinction in 1969. 
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