For Sale in Barcelona: Self-Contained Recording Studio


€230,000 not including equipment

  • Bohemian centre of Barcelona
  • Surrounded by theatres, clubs, cafes & bars
  • Minutes from the beach and las Ramblas
  • Self-contained recording studio with 3 recording areas
  • For sale without equipment

Sale price: €230,000 

Freehold property

The deed with clean title i.e. no liens, taxes due, or mortgages by the vendor.

Technical construction code (Código Técnico de la Edificación)

Prepared by an official architect with all necessary documentation already signed & submitted to the Ayuntamiento – complies with all laws in Barcelona for sound isolation and noise ordinance for a recording studio – everything is completed and requires only the registration of the new owner/ company.

Running Costs

• Building community cost (service charge) €80 per month

• Fibra optica internet 600MB €65 per month

• Alarm service with Prosegur (connected to the police) €41 per month

• Water and electric bills average €120 per month

• Property tax €390 per year



• The business license is NOT included in the sale.
• The technical project must be declared with the Ayuntamiento for whatever type of business the buyer would be setting up in Spain.
• There is an engineer who can be hired to help with the transition of the studio, for whatever period of time is necessary.
• To continue with sale, a contract of ‘Arras’ must be entered for €50,000 (or less) and the sale date (the Notary) would be set for within 3 months from the signing of the Arras (as is required by Spanish law).

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