For Sale in Porto: Boom Studios the best recording studio in Portugal

Quick Facts

€950,000 (Freehold including equipment)


  • The greatest recording studio in the greatest city in Europe
  • Orchestra-size live room – a “cathedral” of sound
  • Offices, warehousing, tech
  • Beautiful studio design & acoustic by Phil Newell
  • Equipment included
  • Garden terrace with potential for swimming pool
  • 10 mins from the beach
  • 20 mins from Porto Airport


Boom Studios Porto For Sale


BoomStudios, Porto 

A fully equipped, world-class recording studio built for tracking & film scoring with orchestra-size live room – acoustically designed by Phil Newell.

Sale includes fixtures & fittings, wiring, acoustics, instruments & equipment.


*Full list of equipment below*



Built in 2003 for the original owner.
Purchased in 2006 by the current owner, a successful recording artist in Portugal.
Used as a personal ‘crib’ mainly for songwriting, rehearsing and recording.
Reason for sale 
The current owner has built a new studio at his home, so after almost 20 years it is time to let go this much loved facility.


Built to the highest specification, a versatile acoustic design using materials to varying effects including stone, a technique learned by Phil Newell whilst engineering for Manor Mobiles. The stone room, for example, is an idea first used at The Town House in London “the result of the experience gained with the mobile recording studios whilst recording in castles and stately homes…and returning to base with sounds that no electronic processing could emulate.” Further development of other areas in the building by the owner over the years exists in addition to the original spec.
It is difficult to describe the feeling that you get when you are standing in the main studio live room. It is such a fine acoustic that it still feels intimate even though it is so grand; so impressive – it is a magical feeling that inspires every day – you have to experience this studio at first hand to understand how powerful the space truly is. 


Ground floor: car park; lobby; washrooms; garage/warehouse; technical corridors (2) straight to the main Live Room; storage room; garden.

First floor: office; warehouse; archive storage; staircase.


825 m2 Studios

450 m2 Storage

160 m2 Offices

375 m2 Outside area


The studio areas are comprised of the main recording studio, which previously featured a large format SSL console, now replaced by a hybrid analogue/digital Focusrite control surface.

The physical greatness of the live room cannot be over-emphasised; the studio was built to feel like a ‘big control stage’ – a room to play live – loud or quietly, with spare space to resonate.

All recording rooms except one have plenty natural light with big windows looking out over the garden.


Via Jean Piaget 84, 4410-236 Borneiros, Portugal


It is not only the studio to be experienced but the surroundings, the tranquility, the way of life…. the beach, Miramar, is where the studio owner goes to have lunch every single day – it is 3km from Boom – it is a beach of pristine white sands stretching 30km along the Atlantic coast from Porto to Espinho.

Porto is the hippest city in Portugal for business and tourism.

Boom Studios is comfortably set within a well-presented and relatively new industrial district, close to the junction of a main highway that links very quickly with the the airport, city centre, the beach etc. 

The studio enjoys a very special arrangements with its ‘protocol’ hotels giving artists and guests highly luxurious accommodation for a fraction of the normal price. 

Going Concern
Although this is a commercial property, it has been the private studio of both owners since it was constructed and as such there will be no accounts other than records of the running costs. Those who have had the privilege of recording here confirm it is the best studio in Portugal and the mystery only adds to the feeling of exclusivity that would be a great asset for anyone charged with the task of marketing the studio should it ever become a commercial operation.

A full commercial accounting report regarding the full possession of the premises can be made available through the process of a serious enquiry. Both the building and the enterprise ‘BoomStudios, Lda’ are free of debts, mortgages or any other charges. An official full report on both entities has already been commissioned and approved by both the Central Fiscal Authority in Lisbon and Social Security Services.


There are no permanent staff currently; the studio hires freelance engineers and/or technicians by the project and it’s negotiated as so. The studio can also provide fees for those workers as well.

Taxes & Regulations 

0.8% stamp tax 
6.5% IMT tax on the full price of property

Since 2009, Portugal has been offering a range of tax benefits for both EU and non-EU citizens, which made attaining residency quick, easy and financially lucrative.

The studio is located in a new industrial area of Porto, where the rate of stamp duty* is lowest.

Ease of Doing Business in Portugal
Portugal is heavily favourable to international investors and there are many benefits. There are new terms for Golden Visa application and investor residential status; even after Brexit there are incentives for foreign investors to purchase property here.
MJQ is the exclusive agent in this sale and is the point of contact for all enquiries. Please email for floor plans and other details.
Equipment list included in the price together with the freehold property, sound installation, wiring & acoustics:


Valve Condenser

• 1x Soundelux ELUX 251

• 1x Soundelux E251c

• 1x Soundelux- ifet47

• 2x AKG C12 VR

• 1x Soundelux E47

• 2x Neumann-M149

• 2x AKG-Solidtube

• 2x Sontronics Aria

• 1x ADK TC


• 2x DPA-4006

• 2x DPA-4061

• 2x Shoeps- Cmc 6- Cardioid

• 2x ADK Hamburg Edition

• 4x AKG 414 B-ULS

• 1x AKG C4000B

• 1x AKG C4500 B-BC

• 5x AKG 418

• 1xAKG SE 300B- CK91

• 1x Sontronics STC-5

• 1x Shure Beta98

• 2x Sontronics Orpheus




• 1x AKG D112

• 1x AKG D11

• 1x AKG 3500

• 3x AKG 3900

• 1x AKG D77s

• 1x Shure Beta 52

• 9x Shure SM57

• 1x Shure SM57 Beta

• 1x Shure SM58 Beta

• 1x Shure SM56 Beta

• 1x Shure 520

• 1x Shure SM7A

• 1x Beyerdinamic M88 TG

• 2x Electro-voice RE-20

• 2x Senheiser MD 421 II




• 1x Sontronics Sigma






• 1x Prismsound EQ MEA 2


• 2x Chandler Limited LTD-2 Compressor

• 2x Distressor Empirical Labs EL8

• 1x Universal Audio LA-2A

• 2x Universal Audio 1176LN Limiting Amplifier

• 1x Focusrite Voice Box

• 1x Focusrite Compressor Limiter

• 1x Thermionic Culture The Phoenix (2ch)

• 1x Tube Tech SMC-2B




• 1x AMS DMX 15-80 Stereo Digital Delay (não funcional desde sempre)

• 1x Eventide Ultra-Harmniser DSP 4000

• 1x Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb

• 1x Roland SDE 3000 Digital Delay

• 1x Yamaha SPX90 II Effects Processor

• 1x Yamaha SPX90 Effects Processor

• 1x Yamaha SPX 990 Effects Processor

• 1x Yamaha Pro R3

• 1x TC Electronics M3000

• 1x Sansamp PSA-1

• 1x Line 6 Bass Pod




• 2x Aguilar DB 900 Tube Direct Box

• 2x Rupert Neve Designs RNDI

• 2x Klark Teknik DN 200 stereo

• 1x BSS AR116 Active DI box

• 1x Ridge Farm Gas Coocker: 2 ch. Tube DI Box Preamps




• 1x UAD 8-Mic Pre

• 1x API 3124 (4 ch)

• 1x Chandler TG-2 (2ch)

• 2x Phoenix DRS-1R 500

• 1x Focusrite ISA 828 (8ch)

• 1x Focusrite Red 6 Mic Pre/Eq

• 2x Focusrite Red 1 500 series

• 4x Focusrite Red Net 4- Mic Pre and AD conversion (8 ch)

• 2x Focusrite dual Mic Pre




• 2x RedNet 2

• 1x RedNet D16

• 2x RedNet 5




• 1x CD Tascam 401 MK II




• 2x Lipinski L-707

• 2x ProAc Studio 100

• 2x ProAc D 100

• 2x Yamaha NS10

• 2x Avantone

• 2x Mackie Hr 824

• 1x Amp KRELL Evolution 402

• 1x Amp Forté Audio Model Four

• 1x Amp Yamaha PC1000




• 4x AKG K271

• 3x EX29

• 1x Beyerdynamic DT100 white

• 5x Beyerdynamic DT102

• 1x Beyerdynamic DT150

• 10x Focal Spirit

• 1x Grace Designs Monitor Controller m905




• 1x Roland S-4000 S

• 1x Roland S-4000 D

• 7x Roland M-48




• 2x Alto PS 4LA

• 1xAlto Lynx-mix 204

• 2x Column Ranger Tripods






• Yamaha C7 Grand


Guitar/ Bass


• Fender Jazz Bass (Mex)

• Gibson Les Paul Custom

• Taylor 210

• Ibanez ArtCore

• Domingos Ferreira (Handmade)




• Coluna Mesa Boogie 1×10

• Coluna Framus 2×12 com speakers Vintage 30 (FR212b)

• Line 6 Spider Valve 212

• Tech21 4×12 speaker

• Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine




• Taye StudioMaple:

• Bombo: 22e 20

• Tarola: Piccolo 12x6e Standard 14x6

• Toms: 8‘, 10′, 12, 14 and 16

• 4x snare/tone holders

• 1x tripe de hihat

• 5x tripods with giraffe

• 1x pedal de bombo

• 1x bank

• Sabian HHX 14

• Zildjian K Custom Dark HiHat 14

• Sabian AAX Stage Ride 20

• Sabian HHX Legacy Ride 20

• Sabian Crash 20

• Sabian Crash 19

• Zildjian K Custom Medium Ride 20

• Zildjian HHX X-plosion Crash 20

• Zildjian A Crash 17




• Roland V-Synth GT

• Roland VK-7

• Roland XP-50

• Roland W-30

MIDI controllers

• Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2




• Boss FDR-1: 65Fender Deluxe Reverb

• Boss FBM-1: 59 Fender Bassma

• Boss BD-2: Blues Driver

• Boss SL-20: Slicer

• Boss TU-2: Chromatic Tuner

• Boss RE-20: Space Echo

• Boss V-Wah PW-10

• Boss DR-S: Dr. Rythm Sectio

• Boss CS-3: Compressor Sustainer

• Boss DD7: Digital Delay

• Boss VF-1: Multiple Effects Processor

• Roland GR-20: Guitar Synthesize

• TC Helicon Voice Tone Create XT

• Pearl Phaser PH-44

• Roland HPD 1

• Roland SPDS-X








-8 secretaries

-7 shelves wood file

-6 wooden furniture support w/ drawers

-5 chairs polyskin

-2 leather armchairs

-1 table wood meetings

-6 chairs

-2 mirrors


-2 computers ASUS

-1 leitor DVD Philips

Entrance Hall

-2 sofas (3 seater)

-1 sofa bed

-1 floor lamp

-1 wooden bookcase

-1 TV Samsung

-1 PS3


-end of list-


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