For Sale in Porto, Portugal: Orchestral Recording Studio

Quick Facts

Price on Application

  • Grand live room for recording large ensembles
  • Professional mastering suite
  • Bright & spacious office
  • Warehouse storage
  • Garden terrace
  • 10 mins from the beach
  • 20 mins from Porto Airport 

BoomStudios, Porto 

A fully equipped, world-class recording studio built for tracking & film scoring with orchestra-size live room – acoustically designed by Phil Newell.


Sale includes fixtures & fittings, wiring, acoustics, instruments & equipment.



Built in 2003 for the original owner.
Purchased in 2006 by the current owner, a successful recording artist in Portugal.
Used as a personal ‘crib’ mainly for songwriting, rehearsing and recording.


Built to the highest specification, a versatile acoustic design using materials to varying effects including stone, a technique learned by Phil Newell whilst engineering for Manor Mobiles. The stone room, for example, is an idea first used at The Town House in London “the result of the experience gained with the mobile recording studios whilst recording in castles and stately homes…and returning to base with sounds that no electronic processing could emulate.” Further development of other areas in the building by the owner over the years exists in addition to the original spec.


Ground floor: car park; lobby; washrooms; garage/warehouse; technical corridors (2) straight to the main Live Room; storage room; garden.

First floor: office; warehouse; archive storage; staircase.


The studio areas are comprised of the main recording studio, which previously featured a large format SSL console, now replaced by a hybrid analogue/digital Focusrite control surface.
The physical greatness of the live room cannot be over-emphasised; the studio was built to feel like a ‘big control stage’ – a room to play live – loud or quietly, with spare space to resonate.

All recording rooms except one have plenty natural light with big windows looking out over the garden.


Via Jean Piaget 84, 4410-236 Borneiros, Portugal

Porto is the hippest city in Portugal for business and tourism.

Boom Studios is comfortably set within a well-presented and relatively new industrial district, close to the junction of a main highway that links very quickly with the the airport, city centre, the beach etc. 

The studio enjoys a very special arrangements with its ‘protocol’ hotels giving artists and guests highly luxurious accommodation for a fraction of the normal price. 

Going Concern

A full commercial accounting report regarding the full possession of the premises can be made available through the process of a serious enquiry. Both the building and the enterprise ‘BoomStudios, Lda’ are free of debts, mortgages or any other charges. An official full report on both entities has already been commissioned and approved by both the Central Fiscal Authority in Lisbon and Social Security Services.


No resident workers at this point. The studio hires freelance engineers and/or technicians by the project and it’s negotiated as so. The studio can also provide fees for those workers as well.

Taxes & Regulations 

0.8% stamp tax 
6.5% IMT tax on the full price of property

Since 2009, Portugal has been offering a range of tax benefits for both EU and non-EU citizens, which made attaining residency quick, easy and financially lucrative.

The studio is located in a new industrial area of Porto, where the rate of stamp duty* is lowest.

Ease of Doing Business in Portugal
All investments in Portugal above 500,000€ will immediately qualifies the investor with the benefits of a Gold Visa, allowing the investor full residency and the right to work in the country, even after Brexit. Further to that – and according to EU directives – these benefits are extended to all EU 26 member states.

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