For Sale Near Lisbon: Independent Studio Complex of 4 Studios & Office

Quick Facts

€399k (£342k)


  • Freehold property
  • Ground floor of a duplex
  • Fully soundproof
  • Multiple rooms with communal areas
  • Within minutes of the seafront


Commercial Recording Studio For Sale in Lisbon 



​Excellent Location

Positioned strategically with easy access to Lisbon, Cascais, and the scenic beauty of Sintra. This location combines the peace needed for creative work with the vibrancy of city life.


Local Amenities

Just a short walk away from beaches, supermarkets, shopping malls, diverse dining options, and essential services, ensuring convenience and comfort.


Studio Layout

Includes one spacious, light-filled main studio and three smaller studios, a beautiful big entrance, alongside a bright office space. The arrangement allows for flexibility in projects and administrative tasks.


Partial Equipment Sale

While the studio will not come fully equipped, a selection of key musical equipment will be available for purchase, making it easier to start or expand your operations.


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