For Sale in London Fields E8: Recording Studio & Office with Residential Planning (150-Year Lease)

Quick Facts


  • Virtual Freehold (150 year lease)
  • Residential planning granted
  • Ground + lower ground floors
  • Split level mezzanine on upper floor
  • Entirely rebuilt from scratch with soundproofing
  • Solid concrete base and ‘mostly floated’ studio rooms
  • Smart bespoke layout utilising all available space
  • Custom fitted studio worktops included
  • Fully self-contained with shower/ WC
  • Available immediately

Further Description:

Mixed use property (permission for residential use as well as a private recording studio) in a former shop that has been completely renovated from the ground up.

Split level property with access on both ground floor and lower ground floor levels.

The sale is of a new 150 year lease from the date of sale (the freehold of the entire building is held in a limited company of which the vendor is sole director.

Ground rent will be circa £400.00 PA. There is a Managing agent who deals with the building.
When the studio is sold the vendors will be considering disposing of the freehold and the leaseholders will have an option to buy the entire building from the limited company.

Regarding use of the basement studio:

The control room is mainly used for tracking and mixing.
Drums have been recorded during normal working hours.
Bands have recorded during the day.

The basement is between 2 adjacent properties and never any complaints received.
125 Richmond Road is divided into 5 flats including their basement.
127 Richmond Road (the property hereby offered for sale) is divided into 3 flats sold on long leases and 1 shop/basement where the studio is housed.
129 Richmond Road is divided into flats including their basement but the portion next to us is a shop, currently vacant.

The building is a new structure from top to basement built in 2015/2016 comprising the following.


The floor is 350mm thick reinforced concrete.
The Delta waterproofing system sits on the basement floor, is fully floating and acts as a separating layer.
100mm Kingspan insulation sits on the Delta membrane.
A 75mm dense screed sits on the insulation.
25mm fully floating Engineered oak floor sits on an acoustic underlay. The live room is carpeted over the oak floor.


Walls between neighbouring properties are solid brick 350mm thick each side, coated with a dense render ensuring they are fully sealed with no cavities or air gaps.
The Delta waterproofing system is fixed to the walls with rubber plugs.
The basement stud walls are fitted to the plugs by flexible brackets.
The stud walls are fully filled with insulation and covered with 2 layers of sound-block 15 plasterboard and plastered.
The dividing wall between the control room and live room is as above.
The glass panels at the staircase, control-room window and the front window are acoustic glass sealed into their frames.


The ceiling of the studio is below the office and consists of:
2 layers of sound-block15 inner suspended ceiling, fully filled.
There is a sub-floor fitted to the joists which is sealed.
The 25mm Engineered oak floor is floated on an acoustic underlay.


Sound and vibration absorbing panels have been fitted on the walls.
There are various sound treatment panels which “flatten out” the rooms.
Acoustic technician Mike Gardner tested the rooms and the results are available upon request.
The plywood furniture is included.

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