For Sale in Reykjavík, Iceland: Composer’s House & Studio

Quick Facts

For Sale £POA

  • Situated in the quiet suburbs of Reykjavík
  • Detached property
  • White Mark designed studio
  • Separate studio accommodation
  • 30 mins from the airport
  • Essential furniture & equipment included

About the Property

A composer and producer from Iceland is selling their recording studio and family home in Reykjavík, including some equipment and/or the studio business that has been running for 22 years.

The magnificent 6 bedroom house with world class recording studio is situated in the quiet suburb of Seljahverfi approx. 30 mins from Iceland’s international airport, and 15 min from downtown Reykjavík.

It’s an absolute dream studio and living situation, and one of Iceland’s top recording facilities with a great track record and history.

The main building totals 489 sqm (5263 sqf) and is roughly divided as follows:

Main dwelling 213 sqm (2292 sqf)
Garage 26 sqm (279 sqf)
Recording facilities and accommodation 250 sqm (2690 sqf)

The studio has a 70 sqm control / recording room, a 60 sqm live room and 2 smaller production suites, all with natural daylight.

This part of the building, which is all the ground floor and part of the first floor (Studio A) was reconstructed in 1999-2000, and the smaller suites and accommodation part built in 2007. Here are some specialized workspace and equipment, sound booths, two large recording rooms and so on. Large parquet kitchen connected to the accommodation along with 2 fully equipped bathrooms.

Main studio

Everything in the recording room has been renovated and rebuilt with custom equipment furniture and insulated wiring. The sound recording studio is designed by English company White Mark Ltd. and technical installation by New Field King.

That control room has a mezzanine gallery, and a isolation booth. The spacious main control is a great performance space as well as a writing and production environment. Big windows with the garden on one side and a view to mount Esja on the other. A door opens directly out to the garden patio.

Main studio live room

The live room is suitable for small to medium ensembles or bands, all wired to the main control room. It can also function as a self-contained production and control room.

Additional studios

The 2 smaller writing/production studios are situated on the lower floor, sharing a small isolation booth, with cabling ducts available to the larger rooms.

Studio kitchen

The separate studio kitchen can provide catering for staff and guests independently from the main dwelling.

Studio accommodation

The studio accommodation has 3 bedrooms and one bathroom, comfortably sleeping up to 6 guests.

A list of equipment that will be included in the sale is available with the price upon request.

Originally built in 1979, the layout of the building has seen much change and improvements since the vendor purchased it in 1999. The house has been well and regularly maintained over the years.

Today, the house has a large main apartment and a sound recording studio / studio along with rooms that have been utilized with associated facilities for visiting artists.

The house has 3 phase electricity.

The main dwelling part of the house was completely remodelled in 2013, designed by Krads architects, and is divided as follows:

• Entrance to the parquet floor. Guest bathroom. Laundry room. Harwood with underfloor heating throughout.
• Large living room and dining room with beautiful arched windows, and door leading onto a large enclosed garden patio.
• The Kitchen opens to the living room, Interior with black marble slab and quality appliances.

The upper floor of the apartment comprises:

• Family room and work area/study. A large bright living room with carpeted floors, high ceilings and beautiful views to the city and the Esja mountain.
• Children’s room with hardwood floor.
• Teenager’s room with hardwood floor, an en-suite bathroom and a sleeping loft over part of the room.
• Master suite with hardwood floor, high ceilings, wardrobes, walk out to a south-facing balcony, a large bathroom is within the master suite, it has tiled floors and walls, beautiful furnishings, bathtub and shower.

A great deal of work was done when the apartment was remodelled in 2013. it is worth mentioning that a large part of the fittings were custom-made, all electricity and plumbing renewed, and windows added and more.

The studio / guest accommodation is on the first floor and was furnished in 2007. There are three further bedrooms and a bathroom.

The exterior of the house was repaired 2019 and the whole roof and wood trimmings overhauled.

It has a heated driveway, a common feature in Icelandic homes.

The patio decking and fencing was renewed in 2016.

The property is located at the southern end of Seljahverfi, a quiet residential area in the district of Breiðholt conveniently located within the capital region. The house sits in a five-house cut-de-sac where all houses were specifically designed for and by artists in the late 70’s to provide spacious ateliers and studios in a family friendly environment. At the bottom of the street is a sculpture garden with works by one of the original artists, still working out of his house today. The immediate surroundings are ideal for various outdoor activities, walking and cycling paths connecting the area.

Grammar schools and kindergartens are within minutes walking distance of the property. The ÍR sport centre where children and teenagers can choose from a range of sports activity, indoors and outdoors is within minutes walking distance.

Owning property & residing in Iceland

• Citizens living in member states of the European Economic Area (EEA) may acquire property rights in Iceland without the permission of the Minister of Justice.

• Citizens of full member countries to the EFTA and EEA are able to live and work in Iceland without the need for a visa or work permit for three months.

Iceland is part of the European Economic Area so EU citizens may buy property like any Icelander. Non-EU citizens must apply for permission from the interior ministry but with residential properties this is merely a formality.

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