Sale of Lease in Woburn: Secluded Recording Studio Property

Quick Facts

Price on Application

  • Former WWII radar station
  • Renovated in recent years by a successful record producer.
  • Big live room, control room, kitchen diner and outbuilding WC with scope for further development
  • Security system with video link cameras & motion sensors
  • The estate also has its own private security 
  • £5k PA rent (after paying the tenant £XX,XXX for the renovation work done
  • Formerly a dilapidated building, the tenant spent money making it what it is today
  • The tenant is looking to “sell” the Lease to recoup the money spent on renovations & studio design

About the Property

A unique recording studio property just outside the highly desirable Bedfordshire village of Woburn.

This is a LEASE SALE i.e. the TENANT is offering to assign or relinquish the current lease for a premium. As the new tenant you would continue to pay rent to the landlord and it’s very cheap – less than £500 per month.

This is a ready-made recording studio that would suit someone who might be looking to build a recording studio themselves – this saves money and months of work as it’s already built inside the rented property.

It is totally secluded with no noise issues whatsoever.

It has all the feel of a classic British recording studio that creativity favours; the drive into Bedfordshire from London is just enough time to settle into the mood and by the time you drive up to the studio you feel like you’re ready to make a great record.

There is scope for further development of a small adjacent building that currently houses basic WC with plenty of room for additional lounge.

The estate in which the property is situated has its own private security. The nearby village of Woburn is delightfully quaint, has lots of history and is convenient for its basic amenities.

An asking price, or premium – less than the average annual turnover generated to date – will be payable to the outgoing tenant. The new tenant then pays the ongoing rent to the landlord.


After the initial payment to the landlord (price on application) the rent is £5,000 PA (£416.67 per month)

The landlord’s standard lease length is 9 years and there is a possibility to renew at the end of each 9 years.

There are over 4 years remaining on the current lease –  the next date for renewal is 2026 – all tenant applications will be subject to the landlord’s own vetting process.

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