For Sale in Amsterdam: Leasehold Recording Studio Complex

Quick Facts

Premium to Buyout the lease ie pay the outgoing tenant for the build, then take over paying rent 


  • Amsterdam Oost
  • 2 light industrial units joined to make one large space
  • Premium to “buy out” the company (€tbd)
  • Then ongoing rent €6k/ month (+ tax & bills on top)
  • 4 studios with separate control room/booth and fully acoustically treated
  • 2 smaller rooms production-rooms with some treatment, 1x small room no treatment
  • Bright & spacious interior, designed to inspire creativity
  • Equipment available as a separation



Lease For Sale in Amsterdam: a business with 5 recording studios, over 20 years trading



The current lease expires in October 2025 and can be renewed for a further 5 years (and renewed again & again).

The lease is owned by the business and would therefore be a clean transaction to buy the business and take over Directorship and therefore the lease with all its liabilities.

The total surface area is 300 square meters.

It is actually 2 buildings – the internal wall was removed to create one large space (will need to be returned to its original state at the end of the lease, unless the lease is in turn sold on to someone else).

The studios were constructed between 2000-2001 and so is over 20 years established.

Equipment can be purchased but this would be a separate negotiation from the sale of the studio infrastructure, business and lease.

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