For Sale: 8,750 sq ft Studio Complex (Leasehold) in Kings Cross

Quick Facts

  • 40 year old music company with a rich client list
  • 8,750 sq ft leasehold property with £1m worth of studio infrastructure
  • Equipment & backline worth well over £150k
  • 15 year lease with option to renew
  • Fully paid SDLT to 2038

Price £385,000 to buy all the shares in the company and take over Directorship, thus acquiring the lease (in the company name) and assuming all liabilities with rent, business rates & bills (see below).



Leasehold Recording Studios & Rehearsal Business For Sale

One of the longest running companies in UK.
The site includes:
  • High spec Professional Recording Studio designed & built by Roger D’Arcy/ Recording Architecture
  • Rehearsal Studio (the largest in Central London)
  • Green Screen Studio
  • Warehousing/ backline storage
  • 4x Long Term Hire Production Suites each with their own dedicated vocal booths
  • Boardroom & offices
  • 3 kitchens
  • Studio lounge spaces & tech rooms
  • Smoking area
  • Private off-street parking for multiple vehicles
The history of the business goes back over 40 years, having worked closely with everyone from Michael Jackson to Elton John, Tina Turner, Sting, Rolling Stones, Marilyn Manson, Amy Winehouse…. the client list is astonishing!
Currently at full capacity in the main rehearsal room, clients include
Fontaines D.C.
George Ezra
JP Cooper
Sam Ryder
The Hives
Young Blood
Tom Grennan
Corrine Bailey Rae
Running costs
Rent  £114k PA
Rates  £28k PA
Bills  £62k PA
(The SDLT is fully paid up til 2038)
£300k PA and more when each of the long term hire production rooms are occupied bringing £20k PA each.
Equipment (included in the price):

Pre Amps and Channel Strips

PMC BB5 XBD monitors
Neumann HH310 Active monitors with sub unit
Quested built-in monitors
SPL 2381 monitor and talkback controller
Yamaha NS10 monitors
Tannoy system 1000 monitors with Quad 606
JBL 4628b monitors
Auratone x3

Pre Amps and Channel Strips

Focusrite Red One mic pre amps x ch
Focusrite Platinum ‘Trak master’
Focusrite Red Dual Focusrite Scarlet
UAD Apollo Twin
MOTU Ultralite MK2
Joe Meek VX1 lR

Computing and Conversion

Apogee AD8000 x2

Outboard and FX

Yamaha REV7 Digital Reverb
AMS DMX System Multi FX
Yamaha SPX 1000
Lexicon PCM 60
Lexicon PCM 80
Chiswick Reach Dual Valve Compressor (tbc)
Drawmer DS201 Dual Date x3
Focusrite Platinum Compounder
Roland SDE 3000 delay
Lexicon 480L (in repair)
Roland Space Echo
SST Space Station DIY
DBX900 series /929/828 x3


Akai MPK25 controller
Akai S3200 sampler
Control Synthesis
Key B duo Organ
Korg M3-61
Korg WaveStation WS1
Mini Moog Voyager performer
Nektar USB controller
Nord C2
Nord Electro 4D
Novation bass station
Rhodes Mark 2 stage 73
Roland AX-09 Synth Lucina
Roland Juno-G
Roland Juno-Stage
Roland Jupiter -80
Roland JV-80
Roland JV1080
Roland MKS 20
Roland RD-700GX
Roland xp10
Roland XP-80
Wurlitzer EP 200a
Yamaha CP300
Yamaha Motif ES 7
Yamaha Motif XF 6
Yamaha Motif XS 8
Yamaha S-90XS


Yamaha APX nylon acoustic
Gibson Les Paul (tbc)
Fender precision bass
Fender Jazz Bass
Gibson j200 acoustic
MusicMan 5str Bass
Greco ‘speedway’ 6str
Peavey midi bass


Yamaha Premier


Noble & Cooley
Noble & Cooley
Noble & Cooley
Yamaha Joe Montineri
Noble & Cooley

Drum Machines

Akai MPC 1000
Novation Drum station
Roland SPD 20
Roland SPDSX
Roland SPDS
Roland TR505
Roland TR66
Roland RMP 5 rhythm coach
Roland TD 20X module
Roland vdrum (pd) kit
Simmons MTX9

Guitar Amps

Ampeg 410HLF Speaker Cab
Ampeg 810e Speaker Cab
Ampeg SVT 4PROU Head
Ashdown ABM 410H
Ashdown ABM 410H
Ashdown ABM 900
David Freshman
Eden d410xst8n
Fender Deluxe Reverb 1 x12
Fender Hot Rod De Ville ‘212’
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe ‘410’
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 1 x12
Fender Princeton chorus
Fender Pro Junior
Fender The Twin (redknob)
Fender Vibro King 212 20th anniversary ed
Hartke HA5500
Laney LA65D
Marshall 1974 CX 1×12 Cab 16Ohms
Marshall JCM 2000 Combo ‘212’ Triple Super Lead
Marshall JMP Lead Head
Marshall JTM 45 Marshall JMT Mesa Boogie MK2
Mesa Boogie MK4
Roland Jazz Chrous 77
SWR 700 Working Pro Head
SWR Working Pro 4×10 with Horn Cab
VOX AC30 2×12
Vox AC15 CC1
Yamaha b100
Divided by 13 Aquila tone hammer 500
Acoustic image



Shure Beta 58’s x2
shure 58 x4
Shure sm91
Shure beta 56 x2
Akg d12
Akg 414
Selection of assorted Audix mics

PA equipment

Claire Brothers r4
Claire Brothers r4
Claire Brothers r4
Claire Brothers r4
Claire Brothers 12 am
Claire Brothers 12 am
Claire Brothers 12 am
Claire Brothers 12 am
Claire Brothers 12 am
Claire Brothers 12 am
Claire Brothers 12 am
Claire Brothers 12 am
Claire Brothers 12 am
Claire Brothers 12 am
Claire Brothers R2
All amplification and cables inc

Guitar Pedals

Blackstar HT valve delay
Boss BF3
Boss Chorus Ensemble
Boss CE 5
Boss CS3
Boss DD 5
Boss FRV 1
Boss FV500L
Boss GE 7
Boss PH3
Boss SD 1
Boss TR2
Boss TU3
Boss TU2 Boss TU1000
Cry Baby GCB95
Cry Baby GCB95
Ernie Ball
Korg A5 Bass
MXR dyna comp
MXR micro chorus
MXR M115 distortion 3
MXR Phase 90
Ventilator rotary cabinet simulator
Vox V847


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