For Sale in Rennes, Brittany: Recording Studio in a 4-Bed Detached Residence

Quick Facts

  • Control room including acoustic treatment & tie lines (equipment not included, but available as a separate negotiation).
  • Live room (Pleyel upright also available separately).
  • Machine room (formerly 3rd shower room)
  • Cellar
  • Kitchen/ diner
  • Living room/ lounge
  • 4 bedrooms (1 is ensuite and on ground floor)
  • 3 shower room (1 is currently the machine room)
  • 4 WCs
  • Garage/ workshop
  • Patio garden
  • Terrace
  • Private gated driveway
  • Parking for 3 vehicles

Residential Recording Studio For Sale in Rennes, Brittany


4 bedroom house with recording studio in a quiet residential area in the east of Rennes (10mins from centre-ville).


The property is a standalone detached house with adequate soundproofing, but usually the seller does not record full bands late at night just to be on the safe side.

It is a private residence and not a commercial studio, although it is long established as a working-from-home business address.

The layout incorporates the studio into the house, with most of the living quarters on the first floor. The live room was formerly a Winter Garden, flanked by the central patio and south-facing terrace, so there is natural light on both sides of the recording area.

Central to the property is a private patio garden. Grass lawn gardens surround the rear of the house, bordered by mature trees & bushes.

Only once a year is there any noise disturbance from outside the studio, when the municipal arborists fell the tress that line the nearby main street.

Rennes is 45 mins drive from the Atlantic coast.

It is a 1h 25m flight from London Gatwick.

To drive to Rennes from Calais takes 5hrs.

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