To Let in Amsterdam Oost: 5.1 Sound to Picture Mix & Dubbing Studio (Leasehold Purchase)

Quick Facts

€25,000 premium to purchase the ‘room within a room’ build (not including equipment)

The rent is €1,800 per month thereafter

Available immediately


  • Custom studio build
  • Equipment (Tannoy 5.1 system, projector etc.) optional extra
  • Tea station
  • Nice view
  • Corridor
  • Shared facilities
  • 24/7


“Sprawling Amsterdam-Oost includes Zeeburg, an emerging district dotted with hip eateries and cool bars, especially around Javaplein. The Tropenmuseum displays cultural artifacts from non-Western cultures, while the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ is a striking glass concert hall on the waterfront. Among the area’s green spaces are Flevopark, a popular picnic spot, and Oosterpark, with a kids’ wading pool and bike paths.” (Google) 


To Let in Amsterdam: 5.1 Sound to Picture Mix & Dubbing Studio (Leasehold Purchase)


This is a rented unit in a commercial building in Central Amsterdam, housing multiple floors each rented out individually to various small businesses.

The current tenant’s company owns the lease on this particular unit.

The tenant custom built a fully floated ‘room within a room’ for their sound to picture company.

The location is in the heart of Amsterdam and situated above Studio K (bar/ restaurant, cinema & cultural centre).

It is a properly floated studio room designed & constructed by an experienced studio builder. 


A premium of €25,000 is sought for the installation within the rented property – payable to the outgoing tenant – which is less than what it cost to build 12 years ago (the asking price was previously €35k before being reduced April 2024 down to €25k). 

After paying the outgoing tenant for the studio installation, you/ the new tenant would be responsible for fulfilling the terms of the lease, which has another 2 years left.

The rent payable to the landlord is €1,800/ month.

Once the tenancy ends in 2 years, the leaseholder has the option to either 1. renew for a further amount of years (separate negotiation with landlord); 2. sell the lease with the studio infrastructure in the same way to a new tenant or 3. leave (returning the space to the way it was before the lease i.e. dismantle and remove the build.




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