To Let in Soho: Recording Architecture designed studio for sublet or lease purchase

Quick Facts

  • Situated in the heart of Soho
  • Exclusive studio built for music/ post production
  • Control room with two desk areas
  • Separate machine room
  • Two booths (one with line of sight)
  • Natural light


2nd Floor Recording Studio
Lease expires 31st January 2023 but there is a break at 31st January 2021.
Seeking to either sublet until 31st January 2021, or ‘sell’ the lease with a premium for the fixtures and fittings (Recording Architecture build) for £20k ex VAT.
Lease available upon request.
Included the ATC system in case it is desired (for a fee) ideally they want to move it to another location.
  • Control Room
  • Machine Room
  • Live room
  • Booth
  • Technical Skirting and Cable routes
  • Red light and talkback system
  • Shared Kitchen
  • Air Conditioning
  • Video Entryphone System
  • Long Technical Desk with 2 x 7U angled racks, 2 x 13U, 2 x 10U high racks. Also includes Doepfer LMK4+ Master Keyboard and M-Audio ProKeys 88, both elegantly fitted into the bespoke oak control desk
  • ATC 5.1 monitoring system, based around 2 x ATC-150s, Custom Centre Speaker, 2 x SCM20As Surrounds.
  • Dynaudio 2.1 System, (2 x Air 6, PLUS AIR BASE-1 sub)
  • Yamaha NS10s (with Samson Servo 170 AMP)
  • 30” Dell Display and LD 42” Main Display mounted into front wall
  • Chandler TG2 Abbey Road Preamp
  • Avalon 737 Tube Preamp
  • Joemeek VC1 Preamp
  • TL Audio 5052
  • dBx 1066
  • SPL Vitalizer
  • 2 x Retro 1960s Leather Chairs and Coffee table
  • Microphones: Neuman U87i, 2 x AKG414s, SM58, SM57
Floor plan will be ready around 1st or 2nd week of July.
Running costs
  • Rent – £2,291 per month
  • Rates – £1,022 per month (currently)
  • Service Charge £540 per month (includes typical current electricity usage, cleaner, landlords management fees, Fire Maintenance and compliance, Buildings Insurance)
Also have industrial speed broadband costing £150 per month (benefits of being in Soho but this is optional; can be terminated)

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