Timeshare in Hackney: Piano Room/ Composer’s Studio

Quick Facts

£2,500/ month (all inclusive)


  • Weekday timeshare in Hackney
  • Mon-Fri 8am – 10.30pm (loud times – quiet working is permitted outside of these hours)
  • Weekends are retained by the leaseholder for various projects and community events.
  • Full use of the piano and equipment.
  • Shared use of facilities (WC. Shower & Kitchen) with neighbouring tenants/ other businesses in the building.


Beautiful Private Writing Space with Grotrian Steinweg Grand Piano



Stunning piano room ideal for a composer or producer working with acoustic instruments. 
This studio began in recent months as a rehearsal space with recording capability, gradually evolving into a piano recital room/ performance space and writing studio.
Central to the space is the magnificent Grotrian Steinweg grand piano, moveable in its position by the large windows across the entirety of two of the four walls.
The piano was the reason this studio was created and even in this infancy stage of the space, the room has already demonstrated a 60 person capacity during launch week when a series of live performances were put on featuring some of the amazing talent from the area, especially jazz musicians. 
The location and owner’s connection with the local jazz music scene quickly created a busy schedule of various acoustic music endeavours and the model has proven to be more effective on the weekend, which is why the weekdays are being offered to a permanent resident; a professional composer or producer who needs a space like this long term (minimum 6 months).
Any equipment left in the studio over the weekend by the timesharer will be respected by the engineers and musicians who use the space, just as the existing equipment will be free to use by the tenant during the week. 
The existing equipment is:

Neumann TLM 49 
Shure SM-58 [3]
Shure SM-57 [6]
DPA 4099P Matched Pair
Electrovoice RE-20
SE4 [4]
Rode M5 Cardioid Condenser [2] 
Behringer B906


Grotrian Steinweg G-225 Grand
Wurlitzer 200A 1970
Nord Piano 4
Novation Launchkey 25


Taylor Grand Concert 3
Squire 70s Strat Custom Pickups
Ibanez Precision Bass
Fender F-75 Dreadnought


Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Mackie thrash 212 12″ x2
KRK Rokit 5
Sonos Era 100 smart speakers (x2) connected to Audio Technica Turntable


Allen & Heath GSRM-24
Macki Onyx 16 Channel PA Mixer


iMac 27″ 5k, 64GB RAM, 4.2ghz, i7


Fender 1968 Princeton Reverb
AER Compact 60
Roland JC-50 Jazz Chorus 50W Combo
Laney Linebacker 30 Reverb
ART HeadAmp6


Premier 1970 Vintage Kit
Mapex Tornado Kit

 Guitar Pedals

Strymon Blue Sky Reverb 
JHS Lucky Cat Reverb
Boss RC-30 Loop Station
Boss RC-3 Looper
MXR Analogue Chorus 
Boss 1985 FT-2 Dynamic Filter
TC-E Hypergravity Compressor
Crybaby 535Q Wah
Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner
Behringer T0800 Tube Overdrive
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power2+


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